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Dickinson County

Herington Community Garden


The Herington Community Garden is a brand new as of 2018 and just south of the Herington high school/middle school. We have 20 garden plots to fill so call us for your own plot today.

  • Plots are 25' x 25', plenty of gardening space
  • Water is provided via a solar well and tank
  • Gardening equipment is provided (tiller & hand tools)
  • Friendly and helpful atmosphere
  • All of this for only $20 for the entire year

For questions or to rent a plot, call K-State Research and Extension - Dickinson County at 785-263-2001


(If you're new to the concept of community gardens know that while the water and equipment is shared, what you grow on your rented plot belongs to you. A gardener can grow quite a bit of vegetables in a 25' x 25' plot.)