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Extension programs present useful information related to agriculture, home economics, youth development, family life, business and economics, healthy living, and much more. We take programs to schools, gardens, community centers, and other places.

Our philosophy is to help people help themselves by taking university knowledge to where people live, work, play, develop, and lead. We work at being responsive to the needs of the people by focusing our resources on providing quality information, education and problem-solving programs for real concerns.



"Healthy Snacks" Favorite Foods Show                           MUST REGISTER HERE BY July 19

Come join us for the Favorite Foods Show on July 26, at 5pm at Sterl Hall, 619 N Rogers St, in Abilene. This event is open to anyone within the age categories on the registration form.  You do not have to be a 4-Her nor a 4-Her enrolled in foods to participate.



Choose something healthy

Bring a copy of the recipe and the cost per serving 

Serve the snack how it would be served (example: napkin or plate or plastic baggie even)

Be prepared to answer questions from the conference judging as to what makes it healthy and any food safety considerations that would be relevant

Tables will be provided, your option to use a table cloth, etc for presentation (use the score sheet as the guide). Keep it simple...how you would present what you made and eat it...?


Click here for the score sheet



Bring enough for 8 people, as we will have sampling afterwards.  (We will provide tea and water, as well as plates, etc.)




While the judge is tallying, a quick tour with the crowd to answer some of the questions on the score sheet  will also take place.  Younger participant can have help from their parents on the tour part, as we don't want to deter kids from participating if they are afraid to talk. Then we will take time to sample everyone's healthy snack.


Questions?  Contact FCS Agent Renae at 785-263-2001 or renaer@ksu.edu