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Extension programs present useful information related to agriculture, home economics, youth development, family life, business and economics, healthy living, and much more. We take programs to schools, gardens, community centers, and other places.

Our philosophy is to help people help themselves by taking university knowledge to where people live, work, play, develop, and lead. We work at being responsive to the needs of the people by focusing our resources on providing quality information, education and problem-solving programs for real concerns. 

COVID-19 Information and Materials

As we monitor the situation surrounding the global pandemic we will continue to provide resources and materials to our communities. Please Click Here for our latest infographics, program updates, and all materials we are releasing in regards to COVID-19.

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Making a Difference

We have compiled resources for crafters and makers of all sorts to use their skills to provide PPE to vulnerable communities during this pandemic. Please Click Here to learn more!


 new full remote procedure. Call 785-263-2001 or email dk@listserv.ksu.edu

Current Programs:

VITA Tax Preparation is currently SUSPENDED. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are putting the health of our community first.


Suspension of all Dickinson County Face to Face and 4-H Gatherings - Extended Until July 4, 2020!

April 8, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, K-State Research and Extension will continue its suspension of all face-to-face extension programs, meetings and events through July 4, 2020.

The suspension, announced last month, was originally scheduled through May 16 and applies only to K-State Research and Extension staff and activities, not to other university activities.

“We did not take this decision lightly,” said Gregg Hadley, director for extension. “The health and well-being of participants, employees and volunteers must be our top priority.”

In order to ensure quality programs for late spring/early summer, Hadley said extension personnel will shift from preparation and planning for face-to-face activities to alternative activities.

All in-person events including agricultural field days, food-safety trainings and more are affected by this schedule.

Likewise, events coordinated by the state’s 4-H office are also affected, including Discovery Days, 4-H Camps, Campference, Insect Spectacular, Geology Field trip, MYPI, Shooting Sports Matches, Shutterbug Photo Event, district horse shows and district dog shows.

Participants who have already registered for Discovery Days will be given refunds.

“We know the distress this causes as the effects of the COVID-19 situation extend into the summer,” Hadley said. “But we take our responsibilities seriously and are choosing to prioritize the health and safety of the people we serve – especially when we have the ability to innovate and deliver our programs and services in different, safer ways.”

This move by K-State Research and Extension does not include county fairs in the state. Fairs are governed by local county boards. Extension agents will continue to prepare for fairs as much as possible. In case further changes become necessary, extension professionals are looking at alternative methods that would enable 4-H youth to showcase their projects.

“We know this is an incredible disappointment and recognize how much everyone looks forward to these 4-H events,” said Wade Weber, state leader for 4-H Youth Development. “We will make every effort to shift as many of these events as possible to internet-based learning and showcase opportunities.

“While our methods are changing, our 4-H mission remains the same.”

During this suspension, watch for email, texts, and social media announcements from our office for information and online opportunities. Club and council meeting requirements for club seals and achievement pins will be modified to reflect this suspension and YQCA training will be available online. 4-H families are encouraged to continue independent project work and #InspireKidsToDo utilizing resources such as those found at: https://4-h.org/about/inspire-kids-to-do/.

Questions may be directed to Jill Martinson, 4-H Youth Development Agent, at martinso@ksu.edu or 785-263-2001, ext. 1.