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Dickinson County

Central Kansas Free Fair

 Please Click Here for 2020 CKFF Guidelines

Premium Guide 

2020 CKFF 4-H/FFA Schedule (includes modifications 7/18/2020)

Live Results

July 5 - ALL CKFF 4-H exhibits  must be pre-entered by this date in FairEntry.  Pictures must be uploaded in FairEntry by judging date if you would like the exhibit to be available for public view.  Exact tag numbers for livestock to be shown must be provided by exhibitor (animals have been tagged by family, but must be entered by individual).  It is suggested that the photo uploaded for livestock be a profile with 4-Her in show attire.  

Central Kansas Free Fair Webpage (not updated for 2020

CKFF 2020 Schedule:

July, 24th: Favorite Foods Show - Schedule Here

July 25th: Photography (1, 2, 3), Space Tech, Visual Arts/Home Environment 1, Visual Arts (2, 3), Woodworking/Energy Management/Entomology/Geology/Forestry -  Schedule Here

July 27th: Fashion Revue (Some times have changed from original distribution) - Schedule Here

July 29th: Clothing Constructed (1, 2, 3), Fiber Arts, Quilting, Foods (1, 2, 3, 4), Foods Preservation - Schedule Here

July 30th: Rabbits - Schedule Here

July 30th: Banner/Officer Book, Other Projects (1, 2), Floriculture, Horticulture/Crops - Schedule Here

August 1st: Bucket Calf/Decorator Bucket Calf - Schedule Here

Schedule by 4-H'er: Schedule Here

Sterl Hall Guide

We know this year is a little confusing! Here is a map to guide you through conference judging at Sterl Hall this year. If you click on the picture it will open to a PDF you can download and print if you would like a physical copy!

map of sterl hall with path for participants to follow


Fashion Revue

 Participant Letter

Garment Information

Scorecard/Cost-Per-Wear Form


Favorite Foods Show

The Favorite Foods Show has a few changes this year, so be sure to check out the rules! Also new this year is a digital recipe form. Please download and use this form to send your recipe back to Renae. After the show your recipes will be compiled into a beautiful cookbook we will share on our website!

Favorite Foods Show Rules 2020

Favorite Foods Show Recipe Form 2020

Favorite Foods Show Scorecard 2020

How to Use the Recipe Form:

Depending on your web browser, you should be able to fill out the form straight from the browser! If you can, go ahead and fill it out and then hit "Print." From there, select "Save as PDF" and save under your name! 

If you can't fill it out in browser, you can download the form and fill it out within your PDF reading software. Either "Save As" under your name, or use the "Print" to "Save as PDF" method as above. 


Safe Recipe Contest

Announcing Safe Recipe Contest, more contest information available at www.fightbac.org/Safe Recipe Style Guide Link

How to Use the Safe Style Guide

Examples of Safe Recipe Cards

Safe Recipe Temperatures