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Dickinson County

4-H Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to work with Dickinson County 4-H members.  Our 4-H program relies on volunteers to accomplish our Positive Youth Development goals.  As a part of our commitment to these goals is the desire to provide a safe environment for learning. 

To help accomplish this, Kansas 4-H screens volunteers who work directly with youth.  As a potential or current volunteer we ask you to complete the screening process.  You will start the process by submitting the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Service application by enrolling in 4HOnline.  Volunteers who have been through the screening process are asked to re-enroll yearly through 4HOnline by January 2nd. Screened volunteers must be re-screened through the entire process every three years.

Quick Clicks for New and Returning Volunteers

More information about the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Screening Process may be found here.