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Making a Difference


Impacting Your Neighborhood - Where to Donate in Abilene


Needs of Abilene Food Pantry Neighbor to Neighbor needs

During this ongoing pandemic, crafters, tinkerers, and makers of all sorts are using their talents to provide critical materials to at risk populations. This page is here as a reference to help you get started making a difference. Check out the bottom of this page for information on where/how to donate!


CDC Update on Materials via NBC: Link to Website Here

This article details new guidelines from the CDC about fabric types and effectiveness. It is highly recommended that homemade masks be made of heavy weight "quilters cotton", double layered, with an additional flannel layer towards the mouth.

Additionally: Click Here for a fact sheet on how to wear cloth masks, and more tutorials on their creation.


Printable Instructions - Click Here for PDF

Please note that while these instructions were created for a clinic in a different state, they were created specifically for and the pattern is approved by a health care facility.

#GetUsPPE - https://getusppe.org/makers/

Please note, all projects listed on www.GetUsPPE.org have been reviewed and approved by medical professionals (the OSCMS Medical Review Team).

This website has projects for 3D printing, CNC manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Injection Molding, Laser Printing, and Sewing and Textiles.


JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores - Youtube Tutorial Here!

This online tutorial gives easy instructions and tips for making fabric masks. You can donate masks at any JOANN location as well.

Tip: Make the inner layer a different fabric so wearers know which side was against their face. You can use flannel for that side to add some softness!


Sweet Red Poppy - YouTube Tutorial Here!

There's more than one way to make these PPE supplies! 


MakersMask Sewers' Guide - PDF Tutorial Here!

This PDF tutorial uses reusable shopping bags for materials. 

SarahMaker - https://sarahmaker.com/how-to-sew-a-surgical-face-mask-for-hospitals-free-pattern/

This website features mask patterns that includes pockets for a filter. 


Tips & Tricks!

- You can use floral wire or pipe cleaners to help shape the top of the mask so it conforms to the wearers face! 

- Use two different fabrics, or flip the fabric so the inside shows the "wrong" side, so the wearer can tell which side has been against their face! You can use flannel for this to make the inside soft.

- Don't have traditional fabric? Not a problem. You can use high thread-count sheets or reusable grocery bags that are not waterproof or lined (you want to be able to breathe--not sure? try breathing through the fabric yourself, then launder in hot water and use your dryer)! 

- Elastic hair ties can be used in place of traditional elastic, or even simple ribbon or string. If using ribbon for tie on masks, make sure it's not so slippery it will come untied.


How to Donate:

First, do everything possible to ensure sanitary conditions of the masks. They should be put directly into a plastic bag and tied shut as they are finished, but don't have to be individually wrapped.

Then, check our list of donation accepting sites. We will keep this list updated as more communities respond. Remember, we are still under social distancing and Stay at Home ordinances, so do not make frequent trips or congregate while donating. Above all else, take care of your health first, then help others when you can.



Home Care and Hospice Office, 1111 N Brady St, Abilene, KS 67410 - Put masks in a plastic bag and leave on counter.

Memorial Hospital, 511 NE 10th St, Abilene, KS 67410 - They need to be placed in a plastic bag and taken to the Emergency Room entrance.  Those dropping off should ask for the nurse manager or the charge nurse.


Our Store, 8 Broadway Ave, Woodbine, KS 67492


Barnes Grocery Store, 119 Broadway, Herington, KS 67449

Kay's Pharmacy, 119 Broadway, Herington, KS 67449


Chapman Senior Center, 439 N Marshall St, Chapman, KS 67431

Chapman Food Mart, 170 Irish Dr, Chapman, KS 67431