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Dickinson County

Leadership Dickinson County

The Board of Directors listed below directs and administers the

Leadership Dickinson County Program. The board includes leaders

who are graduates of Leadership Dickinson County and other

community members at large.

2020 Leadership Dickinson County Application

2018-2019  Board of Directors

Chairman-- Veronica Murray                                 
Vice Chairman--Doug Lindahl 
Secretary--Erin Tilton 
Treasurer--Katrina Loader 
Communications/PR--Collen McGee 
Community Leadership Program Coordinator--Troy Leith 
 LDC Alumni Reps--Vickie Chamberlin, Joanie Hayden, Angela Holt 
Board Members-- Samantha Geissinger, Ranae Veal, John Dudte 


 Non-Voting Member:  Extension Agent,

K-State Research and Extension, Dickinson County